Family Films Starting at $1,000

What if you could freeze time? A question every parent has asked themselves. Children grow so fast and we try to preserve as much as we can with every cell phone photo and video. What if there was a way to create a family heirloom through the art of video? A modern home movie. A moving family portrait. Something beautifully formulated with you in the frame as well because as your children grow and view a glimpse of their childhood they deserve to see the most important part. The love their caregiver gave them. Imagine them being able to see how they fit in your arms or rode on your shoulders. A film for your family is the most treasured gift. 

I have been documenting my own family for 10 + years and my children could watch our family films for hours. They giggle at the way their brother was running around in a diaper, or when dad was dancing with the mop! They love listening to the music and talking about how everyone has changed so much. I sometimes catch myself watching their reactions instead of watching the film. It has been such a gift for them and it brings more joy to us each time we sit down to view them.  

A family film session is usually set for your home including an outdoor activity. Blowing bubbles, playing house, playing catch. Then, we can end with making dinner, or tucking the kids into bed after bedtime stories. The time and activities are totally up to you, but will represent your family with the most authenticity. Even the tears mom wipes away are crafted into a beautiful piece of your film. There is no perfect day or perfect family, but there is beauty in capturing time as it slips away forever.   

Create a family heirloom through the art of video

Can’t say enough amazing things about Wild Grove Media! Beth is a true artist, making even the everyday look breathtaking. We feel so privileged to have a piece of her art we get to cherish forever. She captured a moment in time with my family that I hold very dear, and I can’t thank her enough for that gift. Book Wild Grove Media. You will not regret it!

- Sandy Moos

Capturing treasured family moments on film...

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